Electric Switch Hold and Is It Possible To Still Get Electricity Turned On With Hold in Place?

If you failed to pay a previous electric company for service you are in a bit of a situation. The reason I say this is even if you were to go with a prepaid electric company that does not check things like credit and social security number you will have an issue unless you change your physical address.

Switch-Hold: “Electric service switches to new providers is prohibited until past due electric bill is paid.”

The switch-hold is something that is indicated at the electric pole and wire utility company. No matter the energy company you choose the switch request goes through the pole and wires company to be finalized. If the pole and wires company sees a switch-hold they will not switch that address over to a new provider regardless of who is trying to request electric service.

The only way to get the service back on at that address is to pay your electric bill. You might ask the question, “Well what if a new tenant moves into the address, are you telling me that that new tenant also can’t get service turned on?”

I am not exactly saying that but what happens from here is that the electric company and pole and wires company are going to ask the new tenant for some very specific personal information to release the switch-hold at that address.

Most people that try and get their sister, mom, brother, etc to put the lease in their name still are unable to get the switch-hold released so you will have to be a little more creative than that if you want to get your lights back on.

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